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Since tak­ing office in 2008, Mayor Ralph Becker is a cham­pion of tran­sit, sus­tain­abil­ity, and fur­ther­ing Salt Lake City as a Great Amer­i­can City. His pro­gres­sive agenda for Utah’s Cap­i­tal City cen­ter on increas­ing liv­abil­ity through ini­tia­tives that give choices back to res­i­dents includ­ing trans­porta­tion alter­na­tives, green ini­tia­tives, nondis­crim­i­na­tion, and more.

Other Con­tacts

Media Con­tact

Art Ray­mond, Deputy Direc­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
Phone: 801–535-7971
Cell: 801–547-2659

Gen­eral Information

Mayor’s Front Desk
Phone: 801–535-7704

Com­mu­nity Liaisons

Michael Stott, Dis­tricts 1 and 2 & ADA Coor­di­na­tor,
Phone: 801–535-7976

Joyce P. Valdez, Dis­tricts 3 and 4,
Phone: 801–535-7238

Shawn McDo­nough, Dis­tricts 5–7,
Phone: 801–535-6338

Pauline Peck, Con­stituent Ser­vice Spe­cial­ist,
Phone: 801–535-6335

Fre­quently Asked Questions

Salt Lake City res­i­dents are com­mit­ted neigh­bors — all doing their part to make Utah’s Cap­i­tal City a great place to live. Below is an alpha­bet­i­cal list of the most requested res­i­dent hotlines.

Amer­i­cans with Dis­abil­ity Act/Accessibility Issues

Call ADA Coor­di­na­tor Michael Stott at 801–535-7976

Annual Cleanup

A favorite annual City ser­vice to pick up trash, junk and debris, res­i­dents can place items on the street, not in the park strip, no ear­lier than 10 days before sched­uled pickup. No con­struc­tion mate­ri­als. Sep­a­rate trash from yard waste using the brown bin. For more infor­ma­tion call 801–535-6333. To report trash out prior to 10 days or after pickup dates call 801–313-6641.

Cert Train­ing

Salt Lake City Fire Depart­ment; call Rick Soltis at 801–355-1664 or 801–560-1805.


Call 911 for imme­di­ate assis­tance, emer­gen­cies. Call 801–799-3000 for Police follow-up for non-emergencies. Con­tact your City District’s Com­mu­nity Intel­li­gence Unit (CIU) detec­tive to report crime prob­lems in your com­mu­nity at 801–799-3035.


Call Plan­ning at 801–535-7757 or visit the Plan­ner of the Day in Room 406 of the City & County Build­ing, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mon­day – Fri­day. Build­ing & Zon­ing Ser­vices and Per­mits call 801–535-7752.

Drug Activ­ity

Report sus­pected drug activ­ity to the Drug Hot­line 801–799-DRUG (3784).


Fenc­ing must be kept upright and in good con­di­tion. For more infor­ma­tion or to report vio­la­tions call Hous­ing & Zon­ing at 801–535-7902.


Use of approved fire­works, under 15 feet in the air, and only 3 days before and after July 4 (Inde­pen­dence Day) July 24 (Pio­neer Day) or Jan­u­ary 1 (Chi­nese New Year) is per­mit­ted in Salt Lake City. Vio­la­tions can be reported to 801–799-3000. Ques­tions can be directed to the State Fire Mar­shall at 801–284-6350.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans must be on the street by 7 a.m. or the night before pickup days, and off the street by mid­night the day of pickup. Vio­la­tions can be reported to the Health Depart­ment 801–313-6641. Missed pickup or miss­ing cans can be reported to Sanitation/Waste Man­age­ment at 801–535-6970.

Garage/Yard Sales

Limit of 2 sales per cal­en­dar year, no more than 3 days in length. Signs must be removed within 3 days. Hous­ing and Zon­ing: 801–535-7902.


SLC has a strict Graf­fiti removal pol­icy – it is cleaned off imme­di­ately. You can adopt a spot or call to report for cleanup to Off the Wall at 801–972-7885.

House­hold Haz­ardous Waste

Do not throw paint, bat­ter­ies, oil, clean­ing sup­plies, or chem­i­cals in trash or annual cleanup. Take to the land­fill at 6030 West Cal­i­for­nia Avenue (1400 South) Mon­day – Sat­ur­day 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., or to other des­ig­nated loca­tions. Health Depart­ment: 801‑3313-6700. Tires: (limit 5) 801–974-6920.

Hous­ing Issues

No more than three unre­lated adults liv­ing together are allowed in sin­gle dwelling units. Houses must have heat and water, and can­not col­lect junk/trash or park on lawn. Fences must not be over 4 feet in front, 6 feet in back. Vehi­cles must be reg­is­tered and parked on hard sur­face. House num­bers are required: 3 inch, con­trast­ing color. Hous­ing and Zon­ing: 801–535-7902.

Ille­gal Dumping

The land­fill at 6030 West 1300 South, is avail­able for excess mate­ri­als; Mon­day – Sat­ur­day, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Dump­ing waste on pri­vate or pub­lic prop­erty is strictly pro­hib­ited. Report to Health Depart­ment: 801–313-6641.

Light­ing Maintenance

Light­ing con­cerns can be reported to 1–800-814‑4311 or 801–535-7147. Light pol­lu­tion: lights not to shine or glare into neighbor’s prop­erty. Hous­ing and Zon­ing: 801–535-7902.


Lit­ter must be kept in garbage cans – is not per­mit­ted to blow into street or neighbor’s yard or swept into gut­ters or street. Health Depart­ment: 801–313-6641.

Loud Music and Noise

Loud music and noise is pro­hib­ited from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. (Sun­day 9 a.m.), or any­time it both­ers neigh­bors. Music can­not be heard at prop­erty line. No horn honk­ing, rac­ing engines, defec­tive vehi­cles, loud bois­ter­ous gath­er­ings. No power equip­ment between 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. Day­time call Health Depart­ment: 801–313-6668. Nights or week­ends call Police Depart­ment: 801–799-3000.

Out­door Burning

Must be less than 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, 25 feet from struc­tures or com­bustible mate­r­ial, con­stantly attended, with extin­guish­ing equip­ment ready. Spe­cial burns such as pit roast­ing or a sweat lodge need to be cleared by the SLC Fire Depart­ment. For ques­tions or to report vio­la­tions call Fire Pre­ven­tion Bureau at 801–799-4150.


Street park­ing for more than 48 hours with­out mov­ing is pro­hib­ited. Park­ing within 5 feet of dri­ve­way or 20 feet of cross­walk, 30 feet of stop sign, over side­walk, on park­ing strip is pro­hib­ited. Only one car per licensed dri­ver on street is allowed. Park­ing Enforce­ment: 801–535-6628.

Park Strips

Prop­erty owner/ ten­ant respon­si­ble for park­ing strips includ­ing weed man­age­ment and 33% veg­e­ta­tion guide­lines. Vegetation/landscaping not over 18 inches high. Hous­ing and Zon­ing: 801–535-7902. No park­ing – Park­ing Enforce­ment: 801–535-6628. Plant­ing, trim­ming or remov­ing city trees with­out per­mis­sion is not per­mit­ted. Urban Forester: 801–972-7818.


Rats, mice, rac­coons, skunks, etc are attracted by food and water (pet food, fruit, garbage, etc.). Bait/traps for rats and mice, be care­ful with poi­son, and call exter­mi­na­tor. Traps for wild ani­mals: Wildlife Ser­vices: 801–975-3315.


Dogs must be on a leash and licensed with cur­rent vac­ci­na­tions; only 2 per house­hold. Feces must be cleaned up weekly. Bark­ing dogs are a nui­sance. Cats: no license required. Ani­mal Ser­vices: 801–269-7499 after hours 801–743-7045.


Curb­side Res­i­den­tial Recy­cling Pro­gram — $3.75 per con­tainer per month for weekly ser­vice; call 801–535-6928. Mixed mate­r­ial recy­cling avail­able through Allied Waste at 801–972-4234. High Rise occu­pants can call Curb-It at 435–503-1840. Recy­cling Pro­gram Man­ager can be reached at 801–535-7795.

Shop­ping Carts

Report aban­doned shop­ping carts to the Hot­line at 801–446-7984.


Res­i­den­tial side­walk repair assis­tance is avail­able through city; report cracks, root dam­age, raised sec­tions to Streets at 801–535-6959. Report obstruc­tions to 801–535-6248.


Signs may not be placed on pub­lic prop­erty (park­ing strips, util­ity poles, etc.) with­out per­mis­sion from the city. Signs on pri­vate prop­erty ordi­nance enforced. Infor­ma­tion or vio­la­tions call Hous­ing and Zon­ing at 801–535-7902.

Snow Removal

Snow must be removed from entire side­walk 24 hours after snow­fall; snow can­not be moved into the street. Neigh­bors are asked to assist the elderly or dis­abled with clear­ing side­walks. For more infor­ma­tion, or enforce­ment call Streets: 801–535-6959 or Park­ing Enforce­ment 801–535-6628.

Stand­ing Water/Auto Fluids

Stand­ing water causes odors, bac­te­ria, and mos­qui­toes. No auto flu­ids (oil, antifreeze) on the ground or street. Call Health Depart­ment 801–313-6641.


Yards are not to be used as stor­age areas for unli­censed vehi­cles, build­ing mate­ri­als, ties, indoor fur­ni­ture, appli­ances or other items com­monly known as junk. Infor­ma­tion or vio­la­tions: call Hous­ing and Zon­ing at 801–535-7902.

Traf­fic Signs

Requests for new signs can be made to Trans­porta­tion at 801–535-6630. Miss­ing or dam­aged signs? Call Sign Shop at 801–535-6990.


Any weeds or grass over 6 inches is a vio­la­tion; enforce­ment nor­mally April through Octo­ber. Hous­ing and Zon­ing 801–535-7902.